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about us

Our Founder

It started with a passion for food and experimentation as a hobby. The creator, affectionately known as Ox, really enjoyed flavourful peri-peri sauce that wouldn’t scorch one’s insides or set your tongue on fire, but deliver just enough bite with something different and unique. So the journey started. He spent hours experimenting and understanding how to work with the different heat of chillies on the scoville scale, combining and balancing various flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques.

Andrew Jonshon

Our Vision & Mission

This famous Oxbones peri-peri sauce started its journey onto the shelves and into people’s grocery carts,homes, meals and hearts.

Heat Level

our sauce ensures it aligns with your intended purpose of the sauce.

Flavor Profile

Our sauce evaluates the balance and combination of ingredients


our sauces have been tested to give the best possible outcome

Aftertaste Effects

Our sauce pays attention to the lasting impression it will leave in the mouth


The Background

It took a lot of trial and error, but also passion and determination. All sorts of infusions were tested with several chili varieties, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, till one day where the magic happened and the sauce came alive. That eureka moment! He offered it to friends and family to taste and news soon spread of this delicious sauce. It quickly became a favorite and was supplied to local businesses, restaurants and flea-markets, till it became obvious that the recipe was a winner that deserved to be shared with an even wider group of foodies, chili and per-peri enthusiasts.

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